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While you were peacefully sleeping, the European Commission have been secretly preparing over 300 Directives & Regulations which threatens to destroy our health; natural foods, vitamins & herbal supplements; ancient traditions & practices; healthcare businesses; animal welfare; the environment; plus take away our 'consumer rights and choice'. Sadly, neither the media nor the Government are informing us of these life threatening issues! We believe people have the RIGHT to CHOOSE and should be told the TRUTH about what is going on behind the scenes. For instance;- were you aware that the Cancer Act (1939) makes it illegal for any natural product/s (proven safe and effective against cancer) to be promoted or sold to the public? OR that 'Colloidal Silver', the most powerful natural antibiotic used for centuries to combat infections and viruses such as noro-virus, fevers, common colds and the best protection against the current 'swine flu' - is likely to be banned? OR, the hidden truth behind vaccinations and why you should never take the jabs or associated medications?

The 'bad news' is -
it starts coming into force from
1st January 2010.

The 'good news' is
it is not too late to take back control of your life.

Please do not take our words as 'gospel.
The information we have provided is actually everywhere; on the internet, pumped out daily by the media, via newspapers/magazines and TV; all cleverly hidden in 'plain site'. Unfortunately, most of the time, we are too pre-occupied with our busy lives to notice. It is also fair to say that wherever you go there will be inaccuracies to the true facts, but remember there will always be some semblence of truth. You just need to dig a little more to find it. We believe this is a good thing, as it will re-train our minds to CONSIDER and THINK rather than to just ACCEPT what is being spoon-fed to us. So please view the evidence all around with an OPEN MIND, and then YOU decide whether to ACCEPT or REJECT it.

It's time to WAKE UP and ACT NOW!

To see why it is so crucial for us all to come together and challenge the various EU legislations being put in place; we have selected infomation and video links which we hope will help you understand the complex situation we are effectively sleep-walking into. So please VIEW / SHARE / DISCUSS & ACT!

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