FOUNDER PROFILE : Dounne Alexander.

Being a strong advocate of ancient 'self-healing' traditions, Dounne (65), has consistently promoted and educated the nation on the health enhancing benefits of merging natural foods with medicinal & culinary herbs for optimum health.


"I was born (1949) as a severely premature baby with a life expectancy of only one month… but thankfully my grandmother's strong faith, intuition, herbal knowledge and tender loving care - enabled me to survive against the odds.


"As a child, under the watchful eye of my grandmother, I learnt many valuable life lessons…steeped in the selfless tradition of sharing information and knowledge in which to benefit others. Being raised in the Caribbean, I was extremely fortunate to experience an amazing quality of life obtained through living in a pollution free environment; on a rich diet of natural foods; good old fashioned home-cooking; home-made herbal remedies and on the spiritual belief that the 'universal creator' has provided adequately and abundantly for all our needs through nature. Acknowledging 'food' as their main life-source, my ancestors would also pray for blessings, healing & guidance at every stage of its development from tilling the soil, planting the seeds, harvesting the crops to the final preparation of each meal or remedy".

"This was the blue print that has shaped my life."

"Therefore, Gramma's was established because I wanted to take-care of people in the same way my grandmother took care of me; by providing the best nature has to offer; teaching basic life skills; sharing information to help make informed choices about health and to build a strong relationship based on mutual respect, trust and love... treating everyone more like my extended family rather than just customers. I also felt that my ancestors 'self-help' practices were fast disappearing and wanted to preserve and pass them on, so future generations could learn to appreciate 'food as medicine'. Hence… nurture, nature and social responsibility are the key elements that govern Gramma's."

Dounne (mother of two) created Gramma's in 1987 from her tiny kitchen in the East End of London and subsequently rose to fame to become one of Britain's most respected businesswomen - supplying prestigious stores such as Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Fortnum & Masons, plus the top 7 national supermarket chains. The proud recipient of 8 National Awards, Dounne has also self published 2 books; is a motivational speaker for schools / universities, the over 50's and businesses.

In 2007, Dounne was honoured by the Queen with the MBE for her outstanding services to the British Food Industry.

Honoured as a true pioneer in 2000, she was included in the first official list of the 100 greatest and most influential black people in British history for the millennium archives. In 2003, Dounne launched her 2nd health awareness campaign (Joining Hands in Health) - the first to embrace all cultures, animals and the environment; encourages everyone back to basic natural healthcare and to also raise funds for terminally ill children and sick animals. To-date she has received overwhelming celebrity and public support …and is calling on you to 'JOIN HANDS' and be a part of this historic journey of enlightenment, restoration, empowerment and HOPE.

In 2008
the Public Health Minister approved her extra-ordinary herbal products for use in hospitals and hospices palliative care programmes as part of on-going research.

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