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Gramma's 'Contcentrated'

(Containing African Bush Willow;

Available in :

Ready-Made Bottle (500ml).
Sachet (4oz/112g).

"100% Natural - Non Toxic and Non Addictive! "

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The unique herbal combination in 'Zara's Herbal Tea' works in synergy as nature intended, creating a powerful 'Blood Cleanser, Immune Booster & Health Enhancer'. It actively stimulates the body's natural regenerative processes to help fight off disease; aid recovery and improve overall 'whole-body' health. Used as an essential Herbal Food Supplement for daily maintenance, Zara's Herbal Tea is suitable for all ages (from birth to the elderly) and animals too. Brewed in line with ancient tradition it contains the whole 'tree-of-life' (i.e. roots, barks, stems, flowers and leaves) and is steeped slowly for 4 hours (over 2 days), in water filtered by 'Reverse Osmosis' (*removes up to 98% of dissolved solids, virtually all bacteria, pesticides, insecticides, viruses and other toxic poisons).

Zara's Herbal Tea - Enhancing Overall 'Whole-Body' Health.
Zara's Herbal Tea is the first product to contain a unique combination of 15 herbs (including the rare African Bush Willow), working in synergy as nature intended to create an extremely powerful blood cleanser and health enhancer. The properties in this tea also boosts the immune system; increases energy; soothes & calms the nerves; aids nutrient absorption, digestion & the elimination of waste; thereby stimulating the body's regenerative processes plus supports its natural defences to help fight off infections / disease and flush out toxins.

Zara's Herbal Tea - 'Missing Link' in the food chain,
This amazing tea complements food nutrients by providing the balance between what we eat and drink. Therefore it is essential for daily health maintenance of both humans & animals. Approved in 2008 by The British Public Health Minister for use in hospitals and hospices, we believe this wonderful product to be the most complete, economical and effective herbal-food supplement available. The results from customers speaks for themselves.

Zara's Herbal Tea - Where it all Began.
Created by founder 'Dounne Alexander MBE' (1994), for her daughter's dog 'Zara', who was terminally ill . Given only two weeks to live, the Vet confirmed that there was no hope-of-survival, as Zara's condition was too aggressive, too advance and inoperable and that no medication or treatment was available that could possibly save her. She advised that the kindest thing to do was to put her down. Her daughter asked an innocent and thought provoking question;- "Mum, if I became terminally ill - could you have me Killed?" So with nothing to lose and no one else to turn too, I turned to God for help. Through meditative prayer, I was instructed to put Zara on a vegan/vegetarian foods, plus to brew this special herbal-tea using 15 specific herbs (including the rare African Bush Willow), for Zara to drink 3 times daily. The results took us all by surprise! One week later, from a dog close to deaths door, with a weak heart, failing kidneys, liver & lungs, incontinent, a high fever, erratic breathing, in excruciating pain and unable to walk, Zara became alert, wide-eyed, waggy tailed, pain-free and with so much energy she was running around like a puppy again. Within 3 weeks, she made a complete recovery. Zara's blood became clean, her heart was strong; damaged organs were restored and she experienced no side-effects. Drinking the tea daily, she lived happily for a further five years;- had a good quality-of-life, eventually passing away peacefully and 'pain-free' from old age (15). Fifteen years on, customer research has proved the tea to be equally effective on humans and also on a much wider range of conditions with no negative side-effects.

About the African Bush Willow Herb (with Combretastatin) -
In 2008, I learnt that for over 20 years, British & American scientists had been privately researching one of the tea's key ingredients (The African Bush Willow) and had proven it to be extremely beneficial for health and the most powerful anti-cancer herb.

Hailing it as their biggest breakthrough. Subsequently, they have developed a new 'synthetic drug' which has been approved by the American FDA and currently being trialed in selected hospitals throughout the UK. However, Zara's Herbal Tea effectively works in harmony with nature to improve overall 'whole body' health, rather than 'synthetically' targeting only one specific condition.

What is Combretastatin -
Combretastatins are a class of natural stilbenoid phenols. A variety of different natural Combretastatin molecules are present in the bark of the African Bush Willow. Despite having a similar name Combretastin is unrelated to 'statins' - a family of cholesterol lowering drugs with dangerous side-effects.

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